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Though your attic may look a bit gloomy and filled with neglected stuff, this part of your home holds a great deal when it comes to preserving the state and value of your living experience in your home. A high energy bill will be your first and biggest enemy if your home is not properly insulated while the uncomfortable or inconsistent temperature is usually the second on that list of issues you have to deal with.

Attic insulation has many benefits especially when it comes to providing comfort to every space of your home particularly during months where extreme weather conditions make it hard for you to stay restfully at home. If you’re talking about numbers, there are different types of attic insulation you can choose from, and one of those will surely fit your taste and meet the needs of your attic without breaking the bank. The added benefits of acting as a barrier to insects and it can even be a big help in maintaining the quality of your cooling and heating equipment.

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Insulation installation

Insulation installation is about filling all voids or spaces in your home where heat, cold, or sound may flow. Many different types of insulations are available, and the service fee for each process may also vary due to the materials that will be used. You can insulate different parts of your home, such as the walls, the attic, crawl space, or the basement, but it depends on you what you want to prioritize.

Insulation removal

Insulation removal is something you want done right, so it’s only best to make sure that it will be done in the best possible way and that the new insulation you choose will be more durable and will truly last for a long time compared to the last one. To safely remove the insulation, gloves, masks and, other removal tools should be used to guarantee safety throughout the process. Different types of materials used for insulation also involve a unique process when it’s time to remove it. After removing the old insulation, make sure to discard them properly.

Attic Insulation

There’s far more to your attic than meets the eye as it does not only serve as a space to stock your unwanted stuff but also protects your home from extreme climate. The attic of a home is by far the place where the most heating or cooling is lost. Attic insulation prevents damage to your home. In terms of insulation, you will meet great choices along the way, such as Blow-In Insulation, Fiberglass Batts Insulation, and many more that will help you find the perfect fit for your attic. No matter what process you prefer, rest assured that all of them will help you maintain and even improve the quality of your space.

Fiberglass insulation installation

Fiberglass insulation has been tested and proven through time to be a great partner in maintaining comfort and safety in one’s home. Batts and Roll are two of the most common types of insulation where fiberglass is used. The most beneficial feature of fiberglass insulation is that it is cost-efficient and helps in keeping your space warm during cold seasons, and gives your home a cozy, airy vibe during dry seasons. Many residents prefer fiberglass insulations as it is not only cheaper but can also be easily installed in unfinished ceilings, walls, floors, and other open spaces in different structures.

Blown in insulation

One of the most time-efficient ways to insulate your home is by doing blow-in insulation. Also called blowing wool or loose-fill, this process allows you to pack all spaces and gaps with wool without taking too much time. With the use of a machine, there surely won’t be any space left out, making the experience and money spent worth it. It also boasts the ability to maintain the right amount of heat and cold inside a room. Blow-In Insulation, when installed properly, also reduces sound pressure and won’t easily deteriorate through time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is attic insulation a good investment?

Your attic is, though often neglected, one of the most vital parts of your home. This space does not only help you in saving energy, hence reducing electricity bills at any time of the year but also provides utmost protection to your home. A great return of investment occurs when you experience the comfort it gives to your family.

Is it better to insulate walls or attic?

Whenever you get confused on what to insulate first between walls or the attic, make it to a point to focus on insulating your attic first. You will later see that the more you take good care of your attic insulation, the greater the impact and advantage you’ll get in terms of home investments. Attics are more accessible¬†than walls and usually return a higher value with less effort.

How much money can you save by insulating your attic?

There’s no doubt that you can save money by insulating your home because it lessens the use of electricity in extreme weather. In terms of the amount of how much you can save, it is said to be between 30 to 50 percent more particularly if it is the attic that you will decide to insulate.

How often should attic insulation be replaced?

There’s a wide time frame when it comes to the replacement of your attic insulation. About 15 to 30 years is the most standard lifespan though it may start showing signs of degeneration or damage once it reached its 15th year of service to your home. Factors such as heavy weather conditions, roof leaks or water damage may also affect its quality.


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